Top 5 Intelligence Killing Foods You Should Avoid

September 6, 2016

2016-09-06-aWhile there’s a bounty of much-heralded superfoods around, you should be wary of stuff in your diet that could hold a negative impact on your brain function and do the exact opposite of stimulating your cognitive abilities and improving your memory and IQ.  In short, there’s also an abundance of intelligence-killing foods to avoid!

Experts advise consuming these food items in moderation to limit their adverse effects. Take a look at our top 5 and see how they could sabotage your intelligence:

  1. Regular grains – Except for 100 percent whole grains, all kinds of grains practically affect brain function and overall state of health. Regular grain can accelerate aging, which can also speed up or facilitate brain fog and memory loss. Whole grains, on the contrary, are fiber-rich and are known to hinder aging of the arteries. So why not swap those regular carbs for complex ones like whole grain bread and pasta?

  2. Junk and fried foods – Junk food is notorious for changing the chemicals in your brain, leading to symptoms that include anxiety and depression. Beware: their high-fat intake can also trigger signs similar to withdrawal symptoms, affecting dopamine and other chemicals producing feelings of happiness and well-being. Dopamine, too, is supportive of cognitive function and learning ability, so excess fat could spell doom for your IQ.There are your favorite burgers, hotdogs, French fries, and salty snacks on the list, but take note of a special group of offenders: fried foods, which slowly ruin the nerve cells in your brain. Certain oils – sunflower oil, for instance, are also considered more harmful than others.

  3. Processed meats – Sure, proteins are the building blocks of muscles and are highly crucial in your body’s proper functioning. Meat is a rich protein source, but did you know that overly processing it can be bad news to your IQ? Sausages, salami, hotdogs and the like – their processed proteins, unlike natural ones, do not help your body insulate its nervous system. So for your brain’s sake, stick to natural fish, nuts and seeds, and dairy that contain natural, quality protein.

  4. Alcohol – Yes, it’s not just your motor abilities or sex life that excess alcohol intake could affect. The substance, known to be dangerous to your liver in the long term, could lead to “brain fog,” which refers to mental confusion or a cloud that can preclude clear and straight thinking and remembering. High alcohol consumption could affect brain balance; fortunately you can reverse the symptoms by limiting your intake to only up to two drinks a week.

  5. Artificial sweeteners – There’s already too much sugar in the standard western diet, which makes people seek alternatives in the form of artificial sweeteners. Do not be misled, though, as while they contain less calories, these sweeteners can cause brain damage with extended use and can massively interfere with cognitive function, particularly in high amounts.

There’s a wealth of factors that can promote or impede cognitive functioning, and your diet is always the first place to address this matter. Start looking at the quality of foods you eat, your physical activity and lifestyle, and event the need for prudent supplementation once you see focus and clarity issues, forgetful memory, and overall brain productivity.

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