LumUltra Shield
LumUltra Shield


Organic Irish Sea Moss has been found to help reduce 'brain fog' and increase cognitive function. Additionally, its anti-viral and antioxidant-rich properties have caused people to feel a boost in energy and libido. Sea moss has a bunch of magnesium and potassium, which are known mood boosters. Both minerals also play a key role in brain function, and when we are low on either, we might feel more irritable than usual. Some research even shows that sea moss may protect brain tissue from age related degeneration. Sea Moss also contains potassium chloride, which helps the body reduce inflammation and people take it to lower their risk of infections because of its positive impact on the immune system.

Organic Irish Sea Moss- the world’s most complete superfood. It contains 92 out of 102 minerals your brain and body need. The truth is that, while people have eaten sea moss for years, scientists are only now beginning to research its medical benefits. Here’s what we know so far:

LumUltra Shield
  • Improve Immunity & Help Recover From Illness
  • Help Reduce 'Brain Fog' And Increase Cognitive Function
  • May protect brain tissue from age related degeneration
  • Improve Energy & Mood
  • Improve Immunity & Help Recover From Illness
  • Help Balance Thyroid Function
  • Help reduce chronic inflammation
  • Removes Heavy Metals and Radiation
  • Promote Weight Loss


Shield offers the world’s most complete superfood. Organic Irish Sea Moss contains 92 out of 102 minerals your brain and body need, delivering untapped energy to power through the toughest of challenges…

  • Going through a pandemic? Time to boost your immune system
  • Marathon study session? No problem
  • Overcoming the brain fog? Easy
  • Finding the motivation to work on that dream or vision? Done

Irish Sea Moss is a gift from nature that helps reduce chronic inflammation. People take it to lower their risk of infections because of its positive impact on the immune system throughout your day. Supplement LumUltra with Shield for a complete daily cognitive boost and protection!

Boost Cognitive Performance Boost Cognitive
Amplify LumUltra's Energy & Focus Blends Amplify LumUltra's
Energy & Focus Blends
Increase Physical Endurance Increase Physical
Reduce Social Nervousness Reduce Social
L-Theanine Accelerates Learning/Memory Protect Brain Against
Age Related Degeneration

Make LumUltra Shield The Protector Of Your Mind and Body

Most people who take LumUltra Shield quickly become accustomed to feeling their best, with the days of brain fog, excuses, and untapped potential long behind them†. You too can now make these things part of your past, and not your future.

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We took Organic Irish Sea Moss - the world’s most complete superfood. It contains 92 out of 102 minerals your brain and body need to create the most advanced cognitive and immune booster available without a prescription…
Irish Sea Moss

Irish Sea Moss

Irish Sea Moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals that the human body requires to function such as zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron. It helps to support the immune system and speed recovery from illness. Sea moss contains potassium chloride, which helps the body reduce inflammation and people take it to lower their risk of infections because of its positive impact on the immune system. Irish sea moss is rich in Iodine which the body needs to make thyroid hormones. These hormones control the body’s metabolism and is an important regulatory factor in thyroid function.



Bladderwrack contains high levels of iodine, a trace element that supports thyroid health by producing the thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). Bladderwrack is rich in antioxidants, such as phlorotannins, fucoxanthin, alginic acid, fucoidans, and vitamins A and C, which provide anti-inflammatory effects. Early research has shown that the antioxidants in bladderwrack, namely fucoidan, promote collagen synthesis in the skin, which may help improve the look of cellulite, increase skin healing, and delay premature skin aging.

Burdock Root

Burdock Root

Burdock Root has shown to contains multiple types of powerful antioxidantsantioxidants, including quercetin, luteolin, and phenolic acids. Antioxidants protect cells in the body from damage due to free radicals. Burdock root can help remove toxins from the bloodstream. Another traditional use of burdock root is as an aphrodisiac. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the root can also help resolve skin issues when it’s applied topically to the skin.

BioPerine ®

BioPerine ®

Common benefits of Bioperine are: helps nutrient absorption, improved metabolism, help improve serotonin, which in turn play an important role in memory. In addition to helping your memory, Bioperine may also boost some of your other executive functions. That could mean improving your attention and reasoning skills, along with your overall motivation. In other words, Bioperine could possibly contribute to improving your overall production and sharpening your mental abilities.


As easy as 2 daily capsules.

Simply take 2-4 capsules a day. With water, juice, coffee or tea, or together with Lumultra capsules.  Whatever you like.

For best results, take your first 2 capsules in the morning with food.

Then add a further 2 capsules before bedtime to help reinforce your immune system while you are asleep.

LumUltra Shield

Daily Peak performance now available to anyone…

From grilling training session, to a 12 hour nightshift, LumUltra Shield is the perfect daily supplement to protect you and lift your spirit. Unleash untapped energy and drive to help you power through the toughest of challenges. Shield won't let you down.

  • Individuals looking to boost their immune system
  • Individuals looking to boost their cognitive functions
  • Seniors who want to protect their brain from age related degeneration.
  • Performance individuals seeking more drive
  • Students or late night crammers
  • Older people who want to protect themselves from getting infections
  • Fitness and health orientated persons


I really love ya'll, I'm dyslexic and your pills have helped me find better ways of overcoming it without spending tons of money on therapy or tutors. I get great energy for vacations, stay sharp and then when I'm "off" them I can stay on track due to my constant dyslexic practice and improvement. You all changed my life

- Raven B.
Kansas City, MO, US

I have been using LumUltra including,
Noopept, Nova, Luna, Game on and Brain oil for the past 12 months every day and my focus, organization, and productivity has gone up by a 1000% yes 1000! my sleep is fabulous, I get up every morning feeling well rested and the clean energy Nova gives me i never crash! I can understand how this formula stimulates only the neurones in my cerebral and therefore, my body does not feel any changes, such as, uneasiness or rapid heart beating ,suppression of appe...Read More

- Talee B.
Maple , ON, CA

This is a true and amazing story I am about to share with you. I can't say enough about this product. LumUltra has changed my life. Back in 2011, I finished working out, went to a meeting and 45 minutes into the meeting, I had a very bad dizzy spell that wouldn't stop and I ended up in the ER. Numerous tests and hours later I was diagnosed with severe Vertigo and sent home. I couldn't drive for 3 months, the light bothered me, couldn't lay flat or look up and so much more. Something is ...Read More

- Audra S.

If your looking for motivation, focus and a enhanced memory then look on further!. LumUltra is a great way to give your brain the boots it needs to function full power.

- Michael W.

LumUltra really works! I started using it during graduate school and I noticed I had better concentration and focus, which was a life saver!

- Michelle U.
Garden Grove, CA, US

I was looking for something to boost my day to day motivation and mood. After a lot of reaserch I chose LumUltra and could not be happier!
It all started with my quest to stop drinking and I needed to motivation and focus to move past cravings and focus on work and my hobbies. Things to keep me happy. It worked, the boost I got was worth EVERY PENNY! Im in a better mood and much more focused! I have tried two others but LumUltra is still my go to. Ill try others but Ill always come back to tr...Read More

- Zachary L.
napa, CA, US

LumUltra has consistently worked, kept me focused and working longer than I intend it to, each and every time. This product out performs vitamins and any other supplement out there. I recommend LumUltra to anyone considering trying this product.

- A B.
Kenner, LA, US

LumUltra have been shown to help with attention issues, bring clarity and relief to those who struggle with poor concentration.

- Natalian C.
Monroe, LA, US

It is apparent that LumUltra is the best stacked nootropic on the market. I chose LumUltra after extended research, comparison, and learning how nootropics work. ...A serving a day and what I can do with my day is limitless.

- John M.


Designed to support you throughout the day with pure energy. Supplement LumUltra with Shield to achieve optimal effect.

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