Nootropic Spotlight of the Week: LumUltra Wisdom, Oweli Neuro, Hunter Focus & More

September 27, 2021

This week we’re focusing on some of the most talked-about nootropic pills in the market. Surely it’s an increasingly saturated market, but there are standouts that we can separate from the rest. Let’s review their benefits, potential side effects, and what you need to know if you’re eyeing the brand for your brain enhancement needs. 

LumUltra Wisdom

LumUltra Wisdom dives deep into the needs of the elderly population. This is a laudable move because as experience and wisdom are welcome gifts during our senior years, cell degradation can take place and cause poor energy as well as memory and thinking issues. 

LumUltra Wisdom, which comes from a big and ever-expanding range of nootropic supplements, seeks to support brain function, aid mental clarity, and serve as an energy enhancer to add a spring to one’s step in one’s older years. 

This supplement is sweetly priced at $59.97 for such niche benefits, making it an attractive option for beginners and veterans in using brain enhancers. The Clarity, Vitality, and Memory Blends organize the ingredients properly into a “nootropic stack” on its own,bringing further value for money. As far as market feedback and reputation, LumUltra is an established name in the industry, so the reviews on LumUltra Wisdom echo a decent and even preferred name in the market. 

Oweli Neuro

Oweli Neuro is a nootropic supplement that promises a range of benefits, including stress relief, for life’s daily challenges that cause fatigue and exhaustion; support for memory recall, helping improve attention, retention, and information recall; enhanced cognitive function, tapping into brain processing power for better focus and better reaction time; increased concentration and productivity; and improved mood via better mental clarity. 

According to the manufacturer, Oweli Neuro works best for seniors, professionals at work, professional competitors, and students. The goal is deeper learning with improved data recollection. 

The product is priced at $59.99 plus shipping cost for one bottle, then $119.97 plus shipping for three bottles and $179.94 plus shipping for six bottles. This would have been an otherwise fabulous offer, particularly with the price point and purported benefits. The catch, however, is that Oweli Neuro is a relative newcomer in the market and needs to prove plenty by way of customer testimonials and long-term benefits. 

To unlock maximum brain potential, Oweli Neuro has a lot of work ahead, starting with its reputation setting and proving it can play with the big boys. 

Hunter Focus

Another slightly new player in the nootropics space is Hunter Focus, which claims to help maximum brain potential unravel for users to achieve more. It claims to enhance focus, concentration, and creativity, which can be key to being successful across major functions in life. Each bottle comes with 120 capsules equivalent to a 30-day supply. 

As far as the ingredients, there are nine major ones in Hunter Focus, including proven nootropic compounds.A bottle retails for $75, which is readily more expensive than most other options. For a relatively new nootropic brand, the price tag of Hunter Focus is pretty prohibitive. The formula itself may be beneficial as it doesn’t contain stimulants, but might the price be a little steep for such offerings that you can find elsewhere? 

Keep posted as we put the spotlight on new and fairly well-known brands in nootropics every week.

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