Can A Drink Really Make You Smarter?

October 3, 2016

LumUltra Smart Drink

Different types of drinks impact your health and wellness differently.

One crucial area to look at is how they affect your brain function, including your focus and concentration, memory, and problem-solving abilities. In fact, there’s so much attention on “smart drinks” that kick-start your energy and alertness while boosting your brain functions, we decided to share some of these key tips.

Here’s a rundown of different types of drinks and their effects on your brain’s workings:

  • Water – Your brain has an incredible need for water, with massive sensitivity to changes occurring within your body. It is likely most sensitive to the natural water balance or hydration status of your system, as it cannot function optimally without these proper levels. Dehydration, for instance, has been found to impair both short and long term memory functions. So load up on clean, pure water every day – you need it to improve your mental functioning.

  • Coffee – Studies are divided as to how caffeine affects your brain, pointing to both good and bad results: too little and you don’t get much benefit, while too much can rewire the brain and change the way it works. But rest assured, that cup of coffee can kick-start your brain, with caffeine, for instance, shown to speed up the reaction time in the frontal cortex area of your brain. There’s a wealth of compounds such as chlorogenic acids, too, that may augment this drink’s ability to enhance concentration without upping irritability. The key is to use coffee in amounts that won’t overstimulate you.

  • Tea – This age-old drink is celebrated for so many reasons, mostly for its rich compounds that may assist you physically and mentally. Its flavonoids, for instance, are potent antioxidants known to protect neurons from stress-related injury and to promote memory and cognition. Its theanine is also able to cross the blood-brain barrier and demonstrated to potentially improve relaxation, mood, and cognitive function.

  • Berry Smoothies – Fruit and vegetable drinks are not to be left behind in providing a brain boost. Acai berry, for instance, is a South American fruit known to help dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow. Since it’s very expensive, you may try a variety of frozen berries, too, including blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries for a tasty, brain-friendly smoothie. Frozen berries are a favorite since they retain the nutrient value of fresh berries, easy to purchase, and last a while in the freezer.

Even nootropics, supplements reputed for their brain-enhancing properties like LumUltra, are now widely available in powder form for people who prefer natural herbal nutrients in a drink rather than swallowing pills. The ingredients of these so-called smart drinks are shown to assist in focus issues, bringing clarity and offering a bit of relief for those struggling with poor productivity, distractions, and even the occasional uneasiness and nervousness.

Soda and energy drinks have been long considered lifesavers in the arena of physical and mental energy. But it’s time to rethink your stand on the matter: return to basics – water and tea, for one – and combine them with high-potential natural herbs and nutrient based drinks to get that sharpness and mental well-being you seek and deserve every day.

Are you ready to make a smart change and improve your brain power? Make LumUltra Smart Drink your daily refresher today.

LumUltra Smart Drink