5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System in a Pandemic

September 18, 2020

Boost Your Immune System in a PandemicThe COVID-19 pandemic has claimed lives, livelihood, and a general feeling of well-being among people. At this challenging time, it’s very important to maintain a strong immune system to stay safe, healthy, and in a good state of mind. 

Here are five perfectly natural and doable ways to power up your immunity during the current pandemic. 

  1. Get enough ‘sunshine vitamin.’ Vitamin D might be your holy grail at this time with its immune-modulating potential as shown by studies. It’s mainly obtained from the sun, but unfortunately over three-fourths of American adults have low vitamin D levels to support and protect their immune system. Optimize your level by spending about 20 minutes under the sun every day or taking a high-quality vitamin D supplement. Of course, make sure to follow social distancing protocols when outdoors. 
  2. Manage your stress and emotions. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by things during a pandemic. Careful, though, because stress can easily impair your immune system function. So make a conscious effort to take control of your stress levels and your emotional health. Meditation, for instance, can be an effective stress relief method done right in the comfort of your home. 
  3. Nurture your gut health. You may not realize this, but much of your immunity system is located in your gut! Your gut lining protects it from foreign matter such as a virus. When that lining becomes excessively porous, foreign invaders can get through and enter the digestive lining and your bloodstream. A meaningful step ahead is eating high-quality fermented foods and a probiotic while you’re at it. 
  4. Get enough restful sleep. Inadequate sleep can mess with the expression of more than 700 genes in your body, particularly those involved in immune response. Sleep deprivation is a risky affair during the pandemic, so try to get eight hours of sleep a night. To achieve this, make sure you’re comfortable with the temperature in your bedroom, it’s dark enough, and you have a calming vitamin or mineral helping you out. 
  5. Empower your body and mind with nutrients. Brain-enhancing supplements also offer immune support, strengthening your defense against viruses and bacteria. Antioxidants, for example, fight free radicals in your body and help keep you in tiptop shape, whether in mind or body. Just make sure you’re taking a high-quality, safe supplement so as not to create new problems other than exposure to the coronavirus. 

Surviving a pandemic is no small feat, but with enough empowering information you can get your mind and body ready for whatever lies ahead. Keep posted for nootropic news and updates that keep you brain-healthy! 

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