You Can Get High Naturally – Here’s How

September 1, 2020

You Can Get High NaturallyThey call it by different names, but there’s one name for that feeling of high: euphoria. It’s like a drug that offers an abundance of joy, often limitless and beyond reason. Like a drug, too, euphoria has an addictive effect on the brain. 

Euphoria is an intense form of pleasure. Did you know, though, that this feeling of being “high” can actually be achieved naturally? Here’s an extensive look at how you can attain euphoric feelings, including via a high-quality nootropic aid. 


The Dopamine Factor

Euphoria is defined as a mental and emotional state where you get an intense feeling of being happy, elated, or stuck in such well-being. It is a psychological effect that can be stimulated by different substances and activities at varying levels and length of time. 

Generally, pleasure is obtained from small amounts of hormones like dopamine. 

Dopamine has been linked to things like drug addiction, adrenaline, and the general science of the brain. It’s a neurotransmitter or a brain chemical that is responsible for transmitting signals between the nerve cells in the brain. 

Here’s how it usually goes:

  1. Dopamine neurons are activated, releasing the hormone. 
  2. Dopamine drives reward-related behavior – the hormone, for instance, increases in the brain when food is consumed. 

This is partly why many abused substances cause addictiveness: they release dopamine. When drugs overstimulate the senses, there occurs a euphoric effect, which then reinforces the abusive drug use patterns. The brain then becomes programmed to repeat the rewarding activity, as there’s pleasure or reward involved. 

Psychoactive compounds, whether legal or illegal, hijack your neurotransmitters and brain receptor sites. They work precisely because your brain is set up to get high and experience pleasure. 


How Do I Get High Naturally Then?

Since we’re already on the subject, are there ways that you can get high without using these compounds?

Definitely. Think of exercise spurring a euphoric state. It is a scientifically backed method to get a natural high when you sweat it out at the gym, in running a marathon, or doing a dance exercise routine. Here are other ways to do the same: 

  • Extreme sports – People don’t bungee jump, snowboard, mountain climb, or dive off a cliff randomly or out of nothing. There’s great exhilaration that begins these activities, with an appeal based on placing the body in a remarkably stressful situation. When you leap off a plane, your brain is conditioned to think you’ll die; there follows a rush of hormones that include dopamine, adrenaline, and beta-endorphins, which are closely correlated with a euphoric state. This heightens your senses and there occurs a stop-gap mechanism to help you get through the situation. In short, adrenaline junkies do extreme sports to get that high that their body craves. 
  • Engaging with nature – Going to a secluded beach or forest camp site, playing with your kids outside, or exploring green spaces also increase the senses and offer what seems like an altered state of consciousness. This might because returning to nature eliminated all unnecessary sensory stimulations and noise in urban settings. 
  • Laughter – Also offering a sense of high is humor, which in itself is contagious. When you laugh, there are muscular contractions that take place, which then release beta-endorphins. This is why activities like laughter yoga have risen in popularity, taking advantage of the natural high and in a group setting at that. 
  • Consuming spicy food – Yes, even spicy treats can give you a high. There might not be conclusive evidence of this yet, but a number of animal studies show that capsaicin, the main component in peppers that give them a kick, can release adrenaline and beta-endorphins. Its analgesic properties may also be mediated by activating the central opioid system. 
  • Sex – Natural highs are also fond in the act of sex, particularly getting an orgasm. Sex offers pleasure and a feeling of deep intimacy with your partner, relieving stress and even inciting drowsiness for a restful sleep that night. It can replace an addiction this way, although sex can also be addictive and, just like other pleasures in life, should be about balance and restraint if necessary. 


How About Nootropics?

Of course, intense euphoria isn’t so readily received. Why do you think the use of illegal substances have not been eradicated for good? 

The good news is a good mood – happiness, optimism, and even motivation – as well as euphoria have been readily associated with nootropic intake. If used properly, a brain-enhancing supplement can safely enhance your cognitive functions, including emotions tied to euphoria. 

Psychology Today presented findings of its review of 77 nootropics, which are previously assessed in 178 human placebo-controlled studies with 7.619 experimental group participants. Thirty nootropics had a significant improvement on mood in almost 50 studies, with a total of 1,527 experimental group participants. 

In the review, there were nootropics that surfaced with the most efficacy and safety for mood and happiness. One was N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), an antioxidant that can positively impact mindfulness, mood, sleep, anxiety, long-term memory, and neuroprotection. In the eight studies on NAC reviewed, 278 participants received the nootropic ingredient. 

Parting Words…

If, in any case, you would consider favoring a calm and balanced mood instead of chasing euphoria, then there’s another secret weapon to feel refreshed, balanced, and in control of your life. 

The key is to lower your cortisol levels, which then reduces stress, as well as chase after nootropics that improve your blood sugar and insulin response and optimize your overall weight. Apple cider vinegar, for example, is linked to lowering blood sugar and insulin, assisting in healthy weight management. According to animal studies, acetic acid may promote fat loss and help improve overall fat burning and weight. The list can go on…

There are just some aspects you can explore in going after that natural high – or maybe striving for a sense of “quiet” happiness in life that’s rooted in tranquility and balance. To each his own, after all. 

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