Sharp As a Tack: What Are the Best Memory Boosters for Seniors?

March 19, 2021

Best Memory Boosters for SeniorsAging doesn’t readily mean falling prey to forgetfulness and other cognitive problems. One can age gracefully and keep their brain working optimally, thanks to many natural nootropic solutions out there.

Here are some memory-boosting tricks and techniques for seniors — and ones that you can practice as early as now if you want to keep your brain working and feeling young for many years and decades.

Eat Well and Move
An active and healthy body can mean an active and healthy mind. Recent scientific research asserts that lifestyle changes can prevent and even reverse memory loss and related issues, even much more effectively than drugs. Pair a clean, raw, balanced diet with regular physical activity such as walking, Zumba, or another group exercise.

‘Thinking’ and Memory Games
What could beat good ol’ fashioned brain training games to keep older adults sharp for a long time? It doesn’t have to be complicated; it can be a daily crossword puzzle, Scrabble, or Sudoku! The key is in enjoying the activity while engaging and making an effort to think. There’s also a wealth of online resources and websites that provide a library of brain games and puzzles for seniors.

Simple memory exercises can go a long way, too. These can be tasks like making a grocery list, doing arithmetic in one’s head, drawing a mental map of specific location or space, or memorizing book quotes or song lyrics.

Stress Relief and Social Integration
It’s important for seniors to keep stress under control. In lieu of worries and fears, older adults have to make room and leave space in their lives for relaxation and reflection. There should be active steps to manage stress before it morphs into a bigger problem, such as anxiety and depression.

While addressing stress, seniors should seek out all healthy social interactions they can get. Stimulating conversations as well as love and affection from family and friends can go a long way in boosting cognition in this age group.

Fish Oil for Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Fish oil is a leader among supplements that ward off memory loss. It’s not just a supplement for improving eye, heart, and skin health, but also for boosting brain function mainly through its essential fatty acids DHA and EPA. Fish oil has been widely studied in the prevention of dementia and Alzheimers, which have been affecting more and more people in the world.

Fish oil supplements provide omega-3s in amounts that the typical diet won’t be able to provide. What’s more, fish oil can boost brain power alongside overall well-being, which is particularly important for senior individuals.

MCT-Rich Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has gotten so much attention for its whole-body benefits and more. More than strengthening and conditioning hair and helping people lose weight, this oil can help drive memory enhancement on its own.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), a kind of saturated fat, is found within the oil and studied as a source of significant memory improvement. It has been tested in areas such as word recall and recognition, as well as overall cognitive performance. MCTs can be obtained from extra virgin coconut oil used in cooking or in a high-quality supplement.

Sensory Tests
Sensory tests, while they sound quite technical, can be a simple way to keep the brain strong and elastic for a long time. If you’re wondering, a sensory test makes new connections in the brain while reinvigorating old ones.

For instance, take any food within reach. With every bite, identify the various flavors you are experiencing with your tongue. The results of the tests can be deemed more effective with familiar dishes or homemade foods that remind you of home or certain memories.

Optimal Sleep
Getting enough sleep is radically important for senior adults to mentally perform and stay in great shape. Sleep actually triggers changes in the brain that are key to solidifying memories. It also makes connections between brain cells more robust, helping shift short-term memories to the long term.

So how much sleep is enough? Anything from 6 to 9 hours is ideal for older people. Great sleep also lies in quality, so it’s important for sleep time to be as undisturbed as possible. Key factors include temperature inside the bedroom, removing artificial lights one hour before bedtime, and maintaining a calm, peaceful environment that’s conducive to sleep.

Natural Nootropic Ingredients
Memory enhancement occurs when there’s synergy among different cognitive enhancers. Some ingredients help boost memory and mental clarity by supplying oxygen to the brain, while others are tasked to protect against free radical damage (antioxidant properties).

Ginkgo biloba, for example, helps improve memory and mental processing in healthy older people, while neurotransmitters like acetylcholine support working memory and information processing. Phosphatidylserine, often called PS, makes sure there’s smooth transmission of signals across the cell membrane, enhancing short-term memory as well as concentration.

Further Thoughts
While these recommendations are generally deemed safe for healthy individuals, it’s best to talk to the doctor if a senior individual is taking any supplement for the first time. This way, it’s easy to figure out what causes a problem if it takes place. This roundup of memory boosters for seniors come in handy not just for better cognition, but also for helping ensure optimal overall health among them.

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