How to Always Feel Like You’re On Holiday

January 15, 2016

011516The holiday season just ended and we are all too familiar with that sinking feeling when work is just around the corner and life’s same ol’ schedule will start allover again. Energy levels drop, moods worsen and that smile on your face is slowly beginning to fade. If all of this sounds familiar, then it seems like you’re the kind of person to chase after that good, liberating feeling. Heck, that’s what holidays are all about, right? – liberation. The freedom from having to do those dull house chores, writing those e-mails and waking up to the sound of the dreadful alarm clock.

But waiting on Friday to come or your birthday or for summer holidays is a complete waste of time. Learn how to channel that energy into something more productive, learn how to live and feel like you’re always on holiday, even when you’re at home washing the dishes or tackling through that pile of work at the office.

So how do we achieve this ‘permanent’ holiday?

  1. Spice things up by eating exotic meals from time to time.
    Instead of getting Chinese take-out for the third time this week, add more spice to your life by changing up the menu. Monday can end with a lively plate of Indian curry, Wednesday will include some fresh Korean noodles and Saturday is the time for Mexican with friends! If you can’t afford to eat out so luxuriously all the time, stop by the bookstore and get yourself a cookbook that can teach you how to prepare different cuisines from all around the world. It will be an even more rewarding experience to cook those different types of meals yourself.
  2. Refurnish your home and make it more fun!
    I don’t know about you, but one of the things that I love the most about going on vacation is getting to stay at a nice, clean and comfortable hotel room. The pillows are always fluffed, the décor is beautiful and the smell in the air is fresh and rejuvenating. Instead of waiting for your next holiday to revisit that dreamy hotel room, start making little changes around your house to mirror it.  If you love vibrant colors then take the time and get yourself some colorful little pieces of furniture to add to your cozy home. Perhaps a purple or green colored beanbag to go in the living room!
  3. Change the game.
    The ultimate answer is to the question above is to change your mindset. Holidays are great and we love them because it’s the time when we get to do what we want and not what we need to. But a simple switch in the way you view life’s demands is all it takes. For example: stop thinking “Ugh, I need to pay these bills.” Instead, think “I want to get my bills paid because that is the responsible thing to do and I will have less on my mind to worry about once I get it over with.” Ta-da! Instant gratification.

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