5 Apps All Successful Entrepreneurs Have On Their Phone

January 5, 2016

010516Successful entrepreneurs are often looked up to for their diligence, ambition and of course, organization skills. That last bit can get a little difficult to cope with without an assistant or at the very least, a productivity app. Whether you’re a wealthy entrepreneur or a newly established businessman/woman trying to make that company flourish, here are 5 apps you should always keep on your phone to make sure your schedule, ideas and meetings don’t get out-of-whack.

    1. Basecamp
      Have people working for your business from multiple locations around the world? Forget having to use 3-4 different social network platforms just to keep in touch and share documents. The app Basecamp will allow you to set up important dates, share docs, chat with and time your business partners/employees to make sure everyone is on the same page. This project management software is one of the best available and can easily be downloaded on your smartphone.


  1. Dropbox Life gets a lot easier when you have a single app to share all your documents on. Create an account, set up a folder, give your employees access and voilà! You’ve got yourself a virtual file that will store all those spreadsheets and documents. Access them any time and from anywhere through a single touch on your phone.
  2. Wakie Busy days and tiring nights mark the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur. And perhaps for this reason it’s not so easy to get up in the morning. The app Wakie will set off an attention-grabbing alarm, followed by a phone call from a stranger somewhere in the world. That person will speak to you on the phone for up to a minute about your goals and aspirations for the day, in hope to get you jumping out of bed feeling refreshed and eager to tackle any problems that may come your way.
  3. Todoist A simple yet highly useful app that lets you type in your tasks for the day – use it and maybe you won’t forget to get that carton of milk your wife asked you to buy three days ago. The best part about this app is that you get to check off tasks that you’ve already completed, which will give you that sense of accomplishment to keep you happy and motivated.
  4. TrackMyStack.com If you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t take nootropics then you’re pretty much 5 years behind the rest. What are nootropics? Think Limitless pill. While we’re not quite there yet, supplement companies have released focus, memory and productivity boosting formulas that contain nootropics anywhere from ginkgo biloba (something your nan may take for her memory) to the latest cutting edge pharmaceuticals, Noopept. LumUltra seems to be the top rated nootropic supplement and you can read about it here. With 15 mg of Noopept in each serving, you’ll be seeing a more motivated version of yourself with better focus and memory to top it all off.For those already on nootropics, TrackMyStack.com is a website app you can use to monitor your supplement regimen. On the app you will set new goals and then observe your progress as the days and months move along. The problem that most people have whilst on nootropics is that they forget to track their progress. With an app like TrackMyStack.com, you’ll be more aware of your current cognitive abilities and how they have improved overtime.

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