The D Word That Makes You A Winner

January 22, 2016

012216The difference between a winner and a loser is the magic D word – discipline. Without discipline you’ve got nothing but good intentions, and in this world that simply ain’t good enough.

One of the things that transformed the productivity in the office here at Avanse Neutraceuticals is none other than discipline. The importance of discipline in a student’s, entrepreneur’s and even gym rat’s life is definitely worth talking about. While many people know that discipline is something we need, not many people understand why it’s the key to both success and happiness.

You can be smart, motivated and have all the energy in the world to get things done but at the end of the day, you need to develop self-discipline in order to be completely unstoppable. Here are 3 reasons why you need to start taking responsibility for your actions and get the D word in check:

3. Without discipline is a lack of consistency.

This one’s pretty simple. When you don’t have discipline, you basically jump from one opportunity to the next without ever following through. This is particularly important for all the entrepreneurs out there who have got over 5 different routes to take but not the time to do any of it.

Start by forming a weekly schedule to ensure that you get things done on time. This will give your life a little more consistency, which will result in a much more stress-free mind.

2. Without discipline is a ball of unstable emotions.

Discipline is all about self-control, especially during those hard, emotional moments when you’re tempted to give everything up. It also works the other way around – your life will be constantly filled with anxiety because you have nothing to grab on to.

Practice meditation, make time for some exercise, eat better ­– basically do whatever it takes to develop a healthier version of yourself. And once you’ve figure out the thing you want to do, stick with it. Getting that feeling of success will reduce stress and give you more control over your emotions.

1. Without discipline is failure.  

Now that you’ve reached #1 on the list, you must realize that a life without discipline is one that is set for failure. If you don’t train yourself to form a schedule, to get things done, to be on task, to control your emotions, your ability to reach your goals becomes weakened.

When you have a goal (or many!) in mind, the key to achieving starts with the development of self-discipline. And that’s because when you’re disciplined, you will always follow through with a task and you will always, always, obey by the rules. You told yourself that 5 pages of that script would get written today, and if you’re a person with self-discipline then you will get the job done.

As most of you know, with the entire team already taking LumUltra (our cognitive enhancing product) every day and being likeminded people (that is, everyone here loves what they do), our productivity levels are already quite high. But with a passion for self-development, discipline is something that all of us constantly work on. Installing discipline into one’s life is something that all successful people constantly talk about. And it’s hard to argue with people who started from the bottom and made it to the top. Even for those of us who aren’t quite on the fence, habitually practicing self-discipline is the one thing that keeps us going and motivated.

To help with this process of making discipline apart of your lifestyle, go ahead and get yourself a focus booster to help push you through those extra tough and lazy days. Our esteemed product, LumUltra, is designed specifically for those who want to thrive in life and make something of themselves. If any of that sounds familiar then don’t miss the opportunity of bringing out a smarter, more productive, and more disciplined you. Get a bottle today and experience the results!

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