Sound Therapy: Use Binaural Frequencies To Your Benefit

January 28, 2016

Listen your way to lower anxiety, higher concentration, boosted sex drive, and even weight loss!


What are binaural frequencies?

In the world of meditation and hypnosis, binaural frequencies or binaural beats is a term that you hear often. ‘Beats’ refers to the combination of frequencies that create a certain sound (usually quite a wavy, warbling type sound). To put simply, when we listen to binaural beats, we are listening to separate frequencies in each ear, thereby creating an ‘interference’ sound in the middle of our brain.

For example: if you’re listening to 3 Hz on the left ear and 10 Hz on the right ear, the two will overlap and a 7 Hz sound will be produced in the middle of the brain.

How and when should you use binaural beats?

Binaural beats are used to help put the brain in a specific desired state, whether that be a meditative or concentrated one. You can listen to binaural beats to help you meditate, concentrate, relax and other things (keep reading to find out the different uses!). It is best to use headphones when listening to binaural beats as each ear should be fed with different frequencies to reach optimal results.

What can binaural frequencies be used for?

The best part about binaural beats is that they can be used to create all sorts of mind states. Whether you’re trying to concentrate and study in the library or attempting to achieve blissful sleep, there’s a beat to help you get there. Here’s a small list of the different things binaural frequencies can be used for:

  1. Boost Concentration & FocusSo you’re having a hard time focusing and staying on task. Plug in your earphones and start listening to the link below to help boost focus and productivity:
    Watch this youtube video


  2. Enhance Sexual StimulationHere’s a shocker: binaural beats can be used to increase sexual arousal, putting you in the right mood to get a little freaky tonight. Perhaps it would be a good idea to share this particular link with the wife or girlfriend.
    Watch this youtube video


  3. Weight LossDon’t get too excited, but some people do believe that binaural frequencies can help with weight loss. This track uses low alpha waves that are associated with our body’s cells to help reduce fat and hopefully some weight. Maybe it won’t be such a scare next time you get on that scale!
    Watch this youtube video


  4. Help With MeditationBinaural frequencies are most commonly used to help people reach a meditative state in a quick and easy way. Meditation is hard, particularly because it forces us to focus on one thing without getting distracted. For those of us who struggle to keep our eyes shut during the “hums” in yoga class, perhaps this next tune can help us reach that calm, peaceful state of mind. You can also listen to these binaural beats to put your mind in a calmer and more tranquilized state.
    Watch this youtube video


  5. Promote Deep Sleep  Do you suffer from insomnia? Or perhaps you often wake up after sleeping for long hours still feeling groggy and tired? That’s because you haven’t had good quality sleep. The following link is a track of binaural beats that can finally get you some valuable shut-eye tonight:
    Watch this youtube video


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