Getting The Results: 6 Must-Do Things While Using LumUltra

February 5, 2016

6 Must-Do Things While Using LumUltra

Congratulations on already taking the first huge step towards potentially creating an improved and upgraded version of yourself. You already have in your hands or at least will have in the next 48 hours a supplement that may have remarkable effects on your life – so start getting excited because you’re about to go on one heck of a ride.

After a few days of using LumUltra, you’ll want start seeing results and you’ll want to see them fast. But here’s the catch…
Think of your life as a racecar. For a while there you were struggling to get the engine revved up, leaving you with a boring andstagnant lifestyle. But by making a few quick fixes and adding some powerful fuel – which in this case is your acclaimed supplement LumUltra – that racecar will be good to go. Only thing left to do is to get in, start driving, and become the champion that you are!

Simply put, the more effort you put into this, the better the outcome will be. And don’t worry because LumUltra will definitely get you there. Using LumUltra will put you at an advantage because of its strong and potent formula. LumUltra’s ingredients will untether that racecar’s horsepower, giving you the chance to live life with a thrill that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Want to gain LumUltra’s full effects and benefits? Here are 6 must-do things that while using LumUltra you should get started on pronto…

6. Move Things Up A Gear.

Move Things Up A Gear

The tank is full and the engine is ready. Question is, are you?

Whilst using LumUltra, take the opportunity to unleash that inner beast. Remember that LumUltra contains 15 mg of Noopept in each serving. This ingredient, aka your secret weapon, will give you the motivation and drive you need to do everything a little better. No need to go from 0 to 100 in 24 hours because let’s be honest, you don’t want to wreck your engine. But start warming that baby up to make sure that you’re in for a smooth ride ahead.

We highly recommend that you start to move and exercise more. See the elevator? Take the stairs. Taking the bus? Get off early and walk a little. While most people tend to dissociate muscle from brain, science has proven that this is certainly not the case.

One German study showed that older folks who take the time to engage in daily mild exercise are 50% less likely to suffer from cognitive decline.1 That’s because when we exercise, our body releases a specific type of growth hormone, which benefits the hippocampus – a region of the brain that is in charge of memory and learning abilities.2 In fact, fitness is associated with higher IQ levels, mentions a professor from the Swedish University, Sahlgrenska U. Hospital. The more you move and exercise your body, the healthier your heart and lungs are, which leads to improved flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

Ok, hold on, we know what you’re thinking.

“Why go through the trouble of all of this when LumUltra can do the job?”

LumUltra is a supplement, so it’s not meant to replace a healthy lifestyle. But in this case, using LumUltra will boost exercise benefits and help you reach better and faster results. How? Well, for starters LumUltra contains the advanced nootropic compound Citicholine (CDP Choline) – a quality source of choline with high bioavailability. When we exercise, our body becomes hungry for more choline. And that’s because choline supports the production of important neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, which improves learning and memory.3

So this is essentially a two-way street – Using LumUltra will support your ability to move and exercise more AND exercising will enhance the benefits you get from LumUltra.

What are you waiting for? Get training!

5. Cultivate Inner Zen.

Cultivate Inner Zen

Part of the reason why you made the brilliant choice of getting LumUltra is probably because of how stressful your life is right now. You hate having to sit in that cubicle for long hours, only to come home to your kids who want attention and your wife who keeps bugging you about the bills. Everyday you have the desire to do better, to become something greater, to reach success – but your head is filled with so much anxiety that you lack the focus and concentration to turn your ideas into action.

Well, lucky for you because LumUltra’s carefully designed formula may help reduce focus issues and anxiety. One of LumUltra’s ingredients is Panax Ginseng, an ancient power-herb grown in Asia that has gained the stellar reputation of having magical stress-reducing properties. The best part about Panax Ginseng is that it calms your mind while keeping it alert at the same time.4 This will lead to better focus and concentration abilities, which will boost overall productivity.

As mentioned above, however, in order to see fast and optimal results, your contribution is needed! Since LumUltra can decrease anxiety and improve mental performance, what better time to start developing inner peace than while using this esteemed supplement?

To be able to stay on top of everything and still have a healthy mental state is one of the most difficult challenges in today’s fast-paced world. Your job is to figure out what works for you to cultivate that peaceful state of mind. Perhaps 15 minutes of yoga in the morning will calm your nerves and prepare you for the problems that may come throughout the day. Or maybe you’re not so flexible and would prefer meditation – getting in touch with your breathing will reduce stress and make you more mindful of your thoughts.

This whole inner peace journey doesn’t need to go as far as booking a ticket to Bali to attend some kind of exotic, lotus meditation retreat (unless you want to!). It can simply consist of spending 15-20 minutes a day doing whatever it takes to put you in a better, more positive and less stressful mood.

4. Your Brain Is What You Eat!

Your Brain Is What You Eat

Boost LumUltra’s effects by taking care of yourself and treating your body the way you should – with respect. Don’t settle for junk food because science says so and you’re smart enough to differentiate between good and bad choices.

Andrew Smyth, the leading researcher at McMaster University in Ontario has conducted a study that explored the relationship between diet and mental health. The results of the study showed that eating a healthy diet leads to a 25% reduced likelihood of developing cognitive decline.6  

Paying attention to what we consume includes making sure that you’re not eating too many processed foods or foods containing tons of preservatives, additives (i.e. MSG) and artificial ingredients (i.e. colorants, flavors, texturants).7 Why is this important? Chemically processed foods are packed with high amounts of sugar, corn syrup, refined carbs, trans fats and in addition to all that, they’re also low in nutrients. Eating these types of foods has been correlated with all the evil illnesses we hope never to develop such as obesity, heart disease and cancer.

This isn’t rocket science – having a healthy body means having a healthy brain.  Keeping your diet filled with cognitive boosting foods such as fatty fish (i.e. salmon, tuna – rich in omega-3 fatty acids), fruits and vibrant colored veggies will boost LumUltra’s effects and allow you to experience a greater mental edge.


3. Learn Something New.

Learn Something New

Tried to learn something new but found it too difficult? Forget about your past self because using LumUltra is going to bring out a brighter, more focused and motivated you.

One of our favorite benefits of using LumUltra is that your ability to learn will be revamped and fine-tuned. Keep in mind that LumUltra contains Noopept. This bad boy nootropic works in 2 different ways to boost your learning skills.

  • Noopept increases the release of acetylcholine neurotransmitters, which allow you to process and retain information.5


  • Noopept also boosts the production of BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factors), which helps to form new neurons as well as protect old ones. Increased levels of BDNF leads to better memory and learning.5

No matter how old you are and how much knowledge you have about the world, you should never, ever stop learning.

Whatever it is you’re eager to learn, spend the next few weeks, months or even years to focus on that one thing and to be great at it. Pick up an instrument and find some online learning courses to help you become a pro at playing those melodious tunes. Hire a Spanish, Chinese or Russian tutor and add a new language to your resume. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to salsa! Well, start attending those Friday night dancing group lessons and move your hips to the rhythm.

2. Get Creative…

Get Creative

Now is the perfect time to revisit an old, unfinished project and give it a new lease of life. Prove to yourself that you are capable of more and that you are not one to give up so easily. LumUltra provides cognitive-boosting benefits, meaning your brain will be sharper than it has ever been before. With better focus, memory and learning abilities, you are ready to take the step to finish what you started.

Were you working on movie script a few years back but lacked the ideas and motivation to finish it? Get up and start looking for that document because you’re about to on a major editing spree.

Did you used to be an artist who loved to spend Sundays painting a new piece? Get back in the groove, find that unfinished painting and let your fingers go to work.

1. Measure Your Results.


Well, duh! How are you meant to witness results if you’re not consciously measuring them? Just like you would take selfies during your fitness journey to see the development of those abs, you should also keep track of your cognitive abilities during your ride with LumUltra.

So how should you measure your results?

The best and most effective way is to use brain-training apps on your smartphone, tablet, iPad or laptop. The trick here is to use these apps on a semi-daily basis and to track your improvement overtime. For example, if you’re using a memory test game application, you will start to notice your recall abilities improving overtime. How? By getting better at the game! Here are two of our favorite picks:

  • Happify


This free app has a series of different activities that through research have been proven to reduce anxiety and form a more positive mindset. Download the app and enjoy the fun quizzes, polls and yes, a gratitude journal. Using this app on a daily basis would not only help you to be more relaxed but should keep a smile on your face.

Playing this app while taking LumUltra at the same time will put you ahead of everyone else. You will start to notice lowered levels of stress and higher levels of motivation to get you through the dip.

  • Lumosity


All of our members here at LumUltra love Lumosity not only because it’s fun, free of charge and easy to use, but also because it offers games that help improve aspects of cognitive function including memory, processing speed, focus and problem solving. Additionally, the app allows you to track your progress overtime and even compare it with other users. Using Lumosity is a great way to see the results you’re getting from LumUltra and to gain a boost of self-confidence.



Once you start using LumUltra, always keep in mind that you’re beginning a journey of growth. Some days will be better than others but the more you take care of your racecar and the more you drive it, the closer you will get to that final destination.


LumUltra’s effects build up over time so don’t be surprised if on day 30 you start to really notice the Memory Blend kick in. Keep going and be patient ­– your efforts will be worthwhile. Get yourself out of the dumps, start practicing these 6 tips on a daily basis and we guarantee that you will experience a greater mental edge and a life without limits.

LumUltra WisdomStill haven’t gotten yourself a bottle of LumUltra? You’re missing out BIG time! Achieve your goals and start to see a better, smarter, more successful version of yourself by letting LumUltra help get you there. Picking LumUltra as your power source will allow you to reach your destination fast and enjoy the ride at the same time. Don’t fill up your racecar with average gasoline when you can get the finest fuel of the highest quality – LumUltra. Learn more about LumUltra by clicking here and order yourself a month’s supply for only $39.97!


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