Do You Have a Healthy Brain? Here Are 3 Ways to Know

July 7, 2021

Do You Have a Healthy Brain?Your brain makes a lot of things in your life, if not all, possible: working out and meditating in the morning, doing school work, completing a critical work presentation, solving everyday problems, building complex documents, and navigating many different aspects of daily life and existence. 

But how sure are you that you have a healthy brain? What does having a healthy brain mean in the first place? 

3 Telltale Signs of a Healthy Brain 

For starters, it’s important to note that there isn’t a single definition of a “healthy brain,” although there can be different factors pointing to optimum brain health. These include good everyday functioning, ability to problem-solve, and making wise decisions, among others. Now here are three often-overlooked ways to know if your brain is in the pink of health. 

  1. Diet, nourishment, and lifestyle choices

Often we’re too preoccupied thinking of big concepts such as whether we are intelligent, able to concentrate, and many such aspects concerning brain performance. But in doing so we overlook the small building blocks of good brain health. These include our level of nourishment, how much sleep we’re getting, if we’re exercising, or can manage stress effectively. These are handy indicators that the brain is running smoothly and probably has the right foundations for good functioning. 

  1. Focus, focus, focus

Another sign of a healthy brain is having the ability to maintain focus. Focus is an important currency in today’s world. In the workplace, being able to focus makes a great difference in productivity, revenue, and value creation. Unsurprisingly, focus is a function of good brain health. One component of it is brain enhancement, such as being able to focus on things and endeavors that matter versus those that don’t. 

  1. Managing and adapting to stress

Healthy stress management is also a sign of a healthy functioning brain. Again, this is a major challenge in today’s world filled with stressful situations, adversity, and sometimes a lessened ability to cope with the stress. Truth is, how we respond and adapt to these challenges can indicate brain health. Central to this is having the ability to control your response to stress – this, again, is a measure of a healthy brain. 

What Now? The Science of Brain Health Simplified 

Now, how do you make sure you hit all these three areas and your brain is well-functioning? 

Mental stimulation, cholesterol and blood pressure improvement, emotional well-being — all of these are highlighted as ingredients of a healthy brain. What complicates this is the process of aging, where the general objective is to keep the mind sharp and brain healthy as we grow older. 

Here’s one realization from decades of scientific studies on the human brain. There’s no single “miracle cure” for memory issues and other brain changes that take place with aging and daily life. Science has long pointed to a combination of healthy practices and social factors, taken together, to build up and protect cognitive well-being over time. 

One of these is one of neuroscience’s finest discoveries: The brain can grow new cells as well as form neural connections. Like your muscles and other parts of the body, the brain can rebuild itself through smart strategies such as repeatedly using it and exercising. 

The mission therefore involves supporting the formation of new neural connections and supporting healthy brain development. This entails following a raw, organic, balanced diet; getting enough restful sleep; exercising the body and mind regularly; and minimizing stress and its devious effects on your system, to name a few. 

Mental stimulation is also part of the picture. But in keeping the mind stimulated, aim for diversity: consider social activities that keep you independent yet engaged with family and loved ones, participate in various undertakings, and develop new skills such as crafting, cooking, or creative expression. 

Finally, get help where you can. Supplementation today now includes bespoke brain enhancement solutions that can support neuroplasticity or the brain’s capacity to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. If empowering your brain and unleashing its potential means using a high-quality brain enhancement formula, then it can be a smart move for you to make no matter what stage of life you’re in. 

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